AMSOC 2020 Elections. Call for Candidates …..

Election Night
Date: April 20, 2020
Time: 6:30 – 8:30
Place: Wahaka Restaurant Punta Pacifica Free valet parking
The American Society of Panama Call for Candidates for the upcoming 2020 Board of Directors Election Nominations close on 31 March 2020. No Exceptions.
Please be proactive. Help us make it a better American Society in Panama. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

Dear Members,
The most important event of the year for The American Society of Panama is just around the corner! We begin our Election Day countdown today by calling out to our membership to step forward and become candidates for the AmSoc board which is charged with electing the new officers that will take our Society into the next year.
The only requirement is that the candidate be a current member in good standing of the American Society of Panama. To become a member of the American Society of Panama or to obtain more information visit our website
The American Society of Panama has been in existence for 89 years as a non-profit social and charitable organization, with an outstanding reputation as a representative of the United States in our host country.
Being a part of the AmSoc Board is a rewarding experience and an opportunity to use your business or personal talents to move our Society forward. If you have experience with non-profit organizations or volunteer organizations your participation on the AmSoc Board is needed. Anyone wanting to be on the Board regardless of prior experience is welcome. All that is needed from you is dedication and a desire to give back to your community. Please step forward.
There are times when certain special events require more effort and attention to detail. We need Board members willing to assist and share the needed labor in those tasks to help make them an even greater success. The Board together working as a coordinated unit is what makes AmSoc a success.
Please consider being a part of this select group.
Please be aware that The American Society does not endorse any individual or candidate for the Board. All Bio’s /Curriculum Vitae shall be submitted in the first person… “I” rather than “He”, otherwise it may be misconstrued that we are endorsing the candidacy. All candidates and their bios will be reviewed by the Election Committee for qualifications and proper bio format before their names and bios are forwarded to the Board of Directors for final review and approval.
Please note that this bio is not like one you would send when applying for a job. It should be short and no longer than one page long.Tell us about yourselves, your accomplishments, and should be personable. Recommend you include interesting personal information such as where you are from, family, length of time residing in Panama, education, profession and other interests.
The primary business endeavor or profession is incidental and not all we want to know about the applicant. The biography or CV should not be just about the candidate’s professional endeavor or a business resume’. AmSoc is not the proper organization to launch a career orprofession. All bios that contain mostly such information will be returned for revision.
Be generous with your time. We need you if we are to continue with our rewarding and successful programs. Help us give back to our host country. Help give that life changing educational opportunity to a worthy or needy child. It will be gratifying to you as well. Step forward and volunteer. Send us your resume’ or biography today.
Being on the Board is a rewarding experience. As a Board member you will:
· Meet monthly to debate and manage Society business. · Share and implement your ideas, suggestions and abilities to keep our Society operating at its consistently high level. · Use your skills to guide, plan, organize, and execute new activities to raise funds for our scholarship and many charitable activities and to plan events for the year.
We need your skills and talents. Please step forward as candidates for our upcoming election to be held on the 20th of April, 2020.
Election Night Date: April 20, 2020 Time: 6:30 - 8:30 Place: Wahaka Restaurant Punta Pacifica Free valet parking In addition to your bio – curriculum vitae, please give us three reasons how you believe you can make a difference and contribute to the American Society of Panama and the community.
Please send the Bio to or

FINAL DATE FOR NOMINATIONS: 31 March 2020 at 6 pm
Election Committee: Ed Prout, Chair
Dr. Charly Garcia – Past President
Hari Singh AmSoc – Past Vice President
Dr. Thomas Rowley – AmSoc Member
David Wilson – AmSoc Member
Karen Barnett – AmSoc Member – Alternate