Hola all:

Yesterday after two years there was another CARAVANA de ASISTENCIA SOCIAL but this time at MULTICENTRO rather than at ATLAPA.

It was a bit cumbersome going on an escalator to the 4th floor where you had to buy your tickets and then back on to escalators to go up to the 9th or 10th floor.

It is a rather small convention center compared to ATLAPA, but it was worthwhile going.

There was representation from at least 20 to 25 different countries and the sole purpose of this CARAVANA is to gather funds to support the charitable work this non-profit organization does in Panama.  

Different types of food and souvenirs were sold to the public, and there were many raffles and cultural shows from the different countries.

I have to say that the USA stand was not represented as it has been in years past and I only recognized AMSOC’s member,  Rita Sosa.

I ran into many AMSOC’s members, friends, coworkers and met new ones.

Here are the pictures that we managed to take.

Stay well and safe and regards to all.

ciao, Hari

By amsoc