Charity Campaign Mid-Year Review 2016


AID FOR AIDS aid-for-aids-1Thanks to all your support, The Charity Committee has been very active. Our 2016 Charity Campaign kickoff started with a visit to AID FOR AIDS. aid-for-aids-2Aid for Aids is a new charity we are supporting. We had an opportunity to meet with the Director, Trina Maria, Roa, and Raiza Elenburgh at the Hospital Del Nino. We saw first-hand the amazing program they proudly administer for the children with aids. The program for the families is equally impressive. We admire their dedication. They are bringing hope to so many people. The children were making Valentine Day cards and it was very special when they presented one to Sharene Smoot and me during our visit.aid-for-aids-3

aid-for-aids-4We presented Trina Maria and Rita Bauns with a $1,000.00 check for a driver for their new 2017 mini bus to take the children and adolescents to learning centers for workshops and recreational areas. Aid for Aids initiatives focus on the social, emotional, and spiritual development for the population they serve.




aid-for-aids-logoAID FOR AIDS Panamá, a local office of AID FOR AIDS International, has had a presence in the country since 2006. AID FOR AIDS has been providing services through the administrative headquarters in Clayton. In 2007, AFA Panama inaugurated the first Center for Comprehensive Attention for Boys, Girls, and Adolescents with HIV or AIDS in Latin America through the Children’s Hospital. They have implemented a number of programs focused on reducing the pandemic through empowerment and the development of capacities in order to improve the quality of life for some of the most vulnerable groups affected by the virus and reduce the stigma and discrimination. This program, unique in Panama, aims to provide guidance, emotional, and psycho social support for children and adolescents with HIV and their families.


Next we visited Sister Barbara and Sister Dina in Colon at MUCEC. They identified their needs and we are able to help them with a new industrialmucec-2-mike-stove stove. Sister Barbara loves photos and proudly displayed hundreds of photos of the children, youth, “moms” and visitors from the past 30 years. Beautiful Memories.



mucec-2-kids-with-chairsWe also donated 25 folding chairs and radio/CD components for the children’s classrooms.mucec-3-cd-players











MUCEC, a non-profit organization, began in 1987 with efforts to help some of the poorest of Colon’s impoverished women and their children with little or no income. MUCEC seeks a permanent solution rather than a temporary fix of the problem. At MUCEC each woman is treated according to her various levels of need. Weekly meetings deal with relevant themes suggested by the women themselves: mental and physical health, hygiene, family relations, domestic violence, political and human rights issues, as well as monthly Faith and Reality Sessions. Skill development workshops create both economic possibilities and also a sense of accomplishment previously unknown to most of these oppressed and battered women. Skills are implemented with an emphasis on unity. Sister Barbara has been a favorite person of ours for many years. Her work with the MUCEC is commendable – she is Panama’s Mother Teresa.

calicanto-1-colonWe visited the new Calicanto Center in Colon and saw in action 25 women enthusiastically participating in a self-esteem seminar. We received a resounding welcome and were able to listen to part of the seminar. The professor and staff went beyond what we expected. They showed commitment to the program, and feel assured that what they learned will certainly help in their everyday life.
During our Election Night, we donated $1,000.00 to Calicano for computers. The Director, Dalya Rodriguez told us about their programs and accomplishments. Maria, a CAPTA graduate, shared the impact CAPTA has had on her life and her desire to open her own business.

















CALICANTO Center in Colon received three new computers Dr. Charly Garcia donated 2 Monitors to CALICANTO

CALICANTO is located in Casco Viejo transforming lives of children, youth, women and men. They opened their new center in Colon February 16th. We were first to visit the Colon center on February 17th. What Calicanto has accomplished within a few years will have a lasting and powerful impact on the community.
CAPTA is a training and personal development program for at risk women living in marginalized areas. The program consists of a seven week fundamental cycle that provides life skills with a series of workshops of emotional intelligence, communication, self-esteem, health, conflict resolution and personal finances. The process is accompanied by psychological support and is followed by a two-week certification to work in the hotel industry, achieving great personal and economic satisfaction. The program has graduated approximately 800 women since 2005 and the majority work in hotels and other industries. Fundacion Calicanto works with unemployed and uneducated women from Panama’s most neglected and disadvantaged communities. Calicanto focuses not only on women but also children from broken homes that face domestic violence, psychological and socioeconomic issues.

oir-logoDr. Robert Brusky, Itzel DeVaney and Charlotte Pierce met with the director, Giovanna Troncoso, and her staff to learn more about the OIR ES VIVIR (To Hear Is To Live) foundation. They have a very impressive unified staff and dedicated volunteers. Their team is committed to helping educate and support all Panamanians who are hearing impaired. They have provided HEARING HEALTH to over 10,000 children and adults.

 The Charity Committed arranged for Alfredo Mitre from TVN to do a special story on Oir es Vivir. Alfredo Mitre spent the morning interviewing and filming the staff and families about the Oir es Vivir programs. and our donation to Oir es Vivir. The show that aired on TV2 was very good and brought more awareness to the community. Itzel DeValeny, Andrea Serrut, Charlotte Pierce presented Oir Es Vivir with a donation towards the purchase of a much needed Otoacoustic Emissions diagnostic machine.
oir-1-check-donationWe are invited to participate in next GIRA A LA PINTADA November 12 from 6:00 AM – 5:00 Pm.


oir-logoOIR ES VIVIR is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 and located in Córdoba Square, Panama City. They provide comprehensive and integrated care for children and hearing loss for adults. They perform early identification and intervention program in schools, rural areas, indigenous communities and companies. By identifying any hearing loss early, treating and offering the possibility of an education that guarantees them to be active members of society and have a better quality of life and break the cycle of poverty. They orient and guide adults in search of alternatives that allow them to improve their hearing condition and be active in family, work and social relations.


Join Our Team and become an enthusiastic Charity committee member.
Recommend a charity foundation.
Make a specific donation to one of the above charities.
Volunteer for the following:
AID FOR AIDS: They need financial support for antiretroviral medicine for people with HIV for AIDS who receive services at the Ministry of Health and the Social Security Fund. As times these is a shortage at these institutions.

MUCEC: Donate material, lace, thread, black nylons, etc. to make arts and crafts.

CALICANTO: They need volunteers to teach English in the CAPTA program for women. There are 20 classes over a 5 week period. They will work with the volunteer to accommodate their schedule so it is very flexible. Hours would be Monday through Friday sometime between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. The volunteers could work in San Felipe or in Colon. They also need Yoga teachers between the same days and hours as above. Only 10 hours of yoga in the span of 5 weeks.

OIR ES VIVIR (TO HEAR IS TO LIVE): They need volunteers to help in their out-reach programs throughout the country. They also needs volunteers at their Center and of course you can help financially by making a donation to purchase needed equipment.

We can put more life in our lives while putting more life in the lives of others.

Our 2016 projected Charity budget is $9,100.00. We have donated $5,098.75 to the above four foundations. We also donated $500.00 to the U.S. Embassy Caravana. We will be working on our 2017 projected budget and if you would like to recommend a charity foundation, please contact one of our team members by October 30, 2016.

Itzel DeVaney –; Dr. Robert Brusky
Sharene Smoot Mike Hewitt at
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We Welcome your support. Thank you
The Charity Committee