Change begins with Choice
Lives are changing because of your choice to donate

Thank you for choosing to donate to The American Society of Panama helping to support our 2017 charity program.  In 2017 we donated $9,400.00 to 14 charity organizations:

20-30 Teleton

Aid for Aids
Banda De Música Herberto López (Marching band participating  in Tournament of Rose Parade)
Caravana (U.S. Embassy)
Fundación El Caño
Good Deeds Day
Hogar Santa Luisa de Marillac
MUCEC (Sister Barbara and Sister Dina in Colon)
Oir es Vivir
Toys for Tots (U.S.Marines)
Vital Voices
Vision of Hope

There were many highlights but one of those “once in a life time moments” was to witness two boys from the interior, Juan age 10 and Johan age 8, who were born deaf, receive hearing aids.  They were able to hear their parents’ voices for the first time.  Seeing the expression on their faces was priceless.  The staff at Oir es Vivir took the boys to the window so they could hear the sound of rain and traffic also for the first time.   We invited them to attend our Thanksgiving traditional family lunch.  The two boys and their mothers were guests at the Wyndham Hotel Albrook compliments of Glenn Simon.  They were awe struck at their room in the hotel, the Albrook Mall, Christmas decorations.  It was many “first experiences” for them.    

During our Thanksgiving Traditional Family lunch Community of Excellence awards were presented to Aid for Aids, Calicanto, Oir es Vivir, Vision of Hope and the YMCA of Panama for their dedication in giving back to the Community.  (Although not at the event, MUCEC was later presented with an award).

Our last Charity donation was December 16, 2017 to the 20-30 Teleton in ATLAPA.  Cedric Gittens, Charlotte Pierce, Itzel de DeVaney and Mike Hewitt had the privilege of going on stage to make the presentation in front of thousands of people on behalf of The American Society of Panama.

Committee members: Charlotte Pierce, Itzel de DeVaney and Mike Hewitt.  Please let us know if you want to join this rewarding committee.   We have great plans for 2018. 





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