El Valle Annual Dry Season Picnic 2017

As said by many of you, IT WAS A HIT!

As I mentioned in my opening remarks, it took a lot of work by many of you and for that, once more, I thank you for your hard work in putting this OUTSTANDING EVENT!

There were over +110 guests attending the picnic and everything ran very well; guests arrived early; Hotel Campestre worked very hard to accommodate the extra guests; the appetizers were delicious; the door prizes donation (tembleque) made by Sra. Clementina (caterer) was a great gesture on her part; the fabric material that came from Africa and donated by Lidia was also a great gift and the food was excellent; we even sang Happy Birthday to one of our guests.

The bingo games added a lot of fun to the picnic and the winning guests were very happy with their prizes; thanks to Lidia for helping out.

Dr. Charly Garcia’s lasagna party was also a tremendous success!

There must have been over +120 guests enjoying the assorted appetizers, the company, the lasagna as well as the many different flans that Charly prepared was enjoyed by all! Thanks Shirley for all the coordination work you did and getting guests to donate to our scholarship and charity funds.
The music provided by Frank Nitte and Judy Klassen was outstanding and many guests danced their head off to include our host, Charly.

Through your support I understand that approx. $1,000.00 was donated to the charity and scholarship funds; thanks once more.
Here is the link for the pictures I took and once more, I would like to thank everyone for supporting The American Society of Panama (AMSOC).

PS. This morning (Sunday) on the way back to the city we ran into Dan & Xenia Martinez who had planned to attend this event but instead had to go to a funeral in Penonome (last picture).