Presidents Message 2016

To all our Members, Friends and Sponsors:

We set high expectations for the AMSOC’s (American Society of Panama) 85th Anniversary Gala and combining this event with a Silent Auction to raise funds for the scholarship & charities.


It was a HUGE success – raising just over $11,000. Even after a very successful art auction last year, many of our loyal sponsors donated again this year.  We are all making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate and together we give them hope and the opportunity for them to “dream their dreams”

I want to thank our entire TEAM because we arrived to this point together and it is satisfying to hear from so many members, “potential” members & sponsors that they enjoyed the 85th Anniversary Gala held at the Las Americas Golden Tower. I want to extend our gratitude to General Manager, Carlos Diago, and his staff at the Golden– for the excellent food & service which exceeded our expectations. During the evening we enjoyed music from “2B Live’ Band and everyone left the gala with AMSOC’s 85th Anniversary souvenir booklet & coffee mug. A thanks to all those who participated in our silent auction with over 50 items available.

Ambassador Feeley was a sensation as always. The Ambassador’s comments about public service and his down to earth style — made us feel appreciated & recognized for “making a difference”.  The AMSOC values the Ambassador’s on-going support as well as the Ambassador’s wife Cherie who is always present with the Ambassador and is supportive and engaged with our membership.

In quoting Charly Garcia:  “We did it. It’s the old story about each of us being a spoke in a wheel.  Together we held the wheel together and we arrived and we delivered.  Thank you all for your contributions to make this a memorable and successful event.  Each of us is different, we excel in different areas, we have different expectations, we have different ways of giving back and contributing and we have different personalities. We succeeded because we are all GIVERS.  We accept that we are the fortunate ones and are driven to give back.  That is what makes us after all our trials and tribulations a cohesive and dynamic force.  We proved that at the Gala Event.”

We recognized 2 AMSOC Life Time Service Awards & 3 AMSOC Community Service Awards at the gala:

Marcia Henry (Life Time): Marcia unfortunately could not be with us at the gala because her husband William was not feeling well. Marcia was recognized for her incredible work in leading our Scholarship Committee and the numerous young kids she has touched, mentored and forever changed their future for the better. 
Charlotte Pierce (Life Time):  Charlotte’s energy & dedication to serve are unmatched.  She is a beacon for all of us when it comes to serving others without expecting anything in return.  I admire and I am in awe of Charlotte’s “sprit to serve” and make Panama better.

Dean Homa, Vito Cortese & Katie Neal (Community Service): Dean Vito & Katie were recognized for their leadership, dedication and countless hours in leading Boy Scout Troop 1849 and Cub Scout Pack 1849.

A special thanks to those that made the 85th Gala Dinner a success including…..Charlotte Pierce was the Chair for our Gala; working countless hours, she did an outstanding job organizing this event with the help of many. Charly Garcia raised a record amount of funds for our Gala event and he was also in charge of keeping track of who RSVP’d, who paid, and the seating arrangement. Cedric Gittens, Marilyn Johnson, Benny Flores, & Jorge Estamac all helped to set up the event and Eunice Greaves & Itzel DeVanney collected the proceeds from the Silent Auction as well as payment for the dinner & memberships.  Last but not least, a special thank you to Boy Scouts Troop 1849 who assisted with our silent auction.  
 Last but not least, a special thanks to our many sponsors and their contributions to make our 85th Gala Event so successful.

DIAMOND DONORS ($2,000 or more in cash or “in-kind”)
Alberto Arias Garcia de Paredes & Wood Kinnard, Brentwood Logistics & Security Co, Copa Airlines,  Manzanillo Intl’ Terminal, Panama Bay Jewelers

PLATINUM DONORS (Between $1,000 – $1,999 in cash or “in-kind”)
Dr. Charles A. Garcia B., Thomas Rowley, Dr., CPA, USA Remote Services, S.A., Wyndham Panama Albrook Mall
GOLD DONORS (Between $500 – $999 in cash or “in-kind”)
Bristol Panama, Central Hotel Panama, Clinica Estética Cavajal, DeGourmet Store, Emmanuel Daza Garcia, George Scribner, Shelter Bay Marina, Thermo King, S.A., Victor Santamaria
Thank you to everyone because together we are making a difference.  God Bless all of you. 
I hope to see you at our first event in 2017 – in El Valle on January 21st. 

Happy Holidays!
Glenn Simon, President American Society of Panama