Dont Miss out on Joining or Renewing your Membership!
AmSoc Membership & Dues Renewal Drive 2023

 The American Society of Panama Board of Directors extends an invitation to our community to join this great organization and to our former and current members to renew or reinstate their membership.  We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization registered in Panama in 1931.  All funds collected are used for our various charities and scholarship programs. 
Our New Member fee for a family or single person is $60 and Membership Renewal is $50 and applicable for the 2023 calendar year and can be paid online at  

You the members are the pillars that sustain the organization. 

Reasons to join or renew your membership:
Founded in 1931, and after 90+ years of existence, The American Society of Panama now has a membership that includes Americans and Panamanians, as well as citizens of other nations residing in Panama.
We are a non-profit organization, and are duly recognized as such by the Panamanian Government.  

We had a rough last 2 years with COVID restrictions and safety measures. We were able to raise $5,000 to continue our philanthropic endeavors to support our less fortunate community with food and needed supplies.

Continue our proud tradition of fostering good relations between the U.S. and Panama. 
*Help Americans residing in Panama take advantage of the many opportunities in our host country. 
*Support charities and scholastic scholarship program in the name of the U. S. community.  
*Serve as a network for Americans residing in Panama. 
*Meet new people and make new friends. 
*Unite different sectors of our extended community together in a common cause.
*We need you so we can continue to grow, to increase our network in Panama, and to help us give back to the community.
*Your support helps us meet our social, charitable and scholastic scholarship commitments.
*Help select, plan and organize our events.

Our website  is up and running and lists many of our past and upcoming events. One can also follow our Instagram account @amsocpty or our Facebook page (The American Society of Panama) for updated information about events and/or information. We encourage potential new members to visit our website and to apply electronically for membership. Current members can renew their membership as well at the website. New members and renewing members may also join or pay their respective dues at any of our functions. Contact us at for more information.    The American Society of Panama“Americans and Friends United Abroad”

The American Society of Panama“Americans and Friends United Abroad”

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