These are the instructions for the upcoming Election process.

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THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PANAMA 2023 Election of the Board of Directors

The Election Night Event will be on Monday 28 August 2023, from 6 pm to 8 pm, at the Marriott Hotel (Albrook Mall), Salon Miraflores, Panama City

  1. Members in good standing only, can vote. Only one person per family membership may vote. These current dues paid members are asked to vote for 5 Directors of the 11 candidates to the Board of Directors.
  2. They should vote for five, no more or less than five, or the ballot will be invalid. A. The top five shall be elected for two-year terms as Directors.
    B. The next list of five candidates shall be elected for one-year terms as Directors.
    C. The candidate with the least votes shall be designated the Alternate.
  3. Listing the eleven candidates on the ballot will be by alphabetical sequence, from a – z, based on first letter of first name.
    Carson Dolan
    Faye Pinzon Francis Wilson Jeanette Deckle Josette Hatfield Marcia Henry Megan Carlson Nikki Fennel Rosalind Baitel Shaleen White Zenia Morris
  4. Only the dues paid membership will have a vote to select the top 10 candidates at the Election Night event at the Marriott-Albrook commencing at 6pm on 28 August 2023. All ballots will be submitted by 7pm and none will be accepted after 7pm
  5. Those candidates not among the top 10 will be Alternates. The sequence for the Alternates to be elevated to the Board will be based on the higher total number of votes each received.
  1. The 10 newly elected Board of Directors will meet within 10 days after the election night and select their five officers that comprise the Executive Committee of AmSoc: President, V. President, Secretary, Treasurer & Vocal. The list of the newly elected board and the later selected Executive Committee will be forwarded to the entire membership. This new Board of Directors will be installed within 20 days at a later function to be announced.
  2. Minutes have to be taken by the Secretary for these three events:
    a. Election of new Board of Directors
    b. Meeting where the new AmSoc board selects the Executive Committee. c. Installation of the new American Society of Panama Board of Directors
  3. Members that are unable to attend the election of board of directors meeting may also vote by designating a PROXY . They should send an email to their proxy and to with their choices. The proxy must be present to cast their vote.
  4. Election Committee for the selection of the new AmSoc Board of Directors, 28 August 2023: Carlos (Charles) Garcia, Chair Bradle Bingham
    Cedric Gittens
    David Wilson Charlotte Pierce
    Anita Littesy (consultant, observer)