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President: Anita Littesy
Vice President: Hari Singh
Secretary: Francis Wilson
Assistant Secretary: Ed Prout
Treasurer: Itzel DeVaney
Assistant Treasurer: Veronica Wharton Thorpe

Itzel DeVaney
Ingrid MacCartney
Al Southergill
Veronica Wharton Thorpe
Marcia Henry-Lokay
Bradley Bingham

Silvia Keene 
Rebecca Hammans
Jorge Estemac
Herb Harmond

      The American Society of Panama is a non-profit, charitable, International organization. Our membership is comprised of people from the U.S., Panamá and citizens of all countries who are living in Panamá and share our interests.

Our History

Citizens of the United States whose business affiliations brought them together felt the need for a formal organization to promote friendship among themselves and Panamanians. The American Society of Panamá was founded in 1931, by: prominent members of the community such as Minister Roy T. Davis, Theodore McGinnis, George Novey, Sr., Robert J. Boyd, Sr., Charles F. MacMurray, Joel McGinnis, Carl Brunner, Sr. and Dr. William James.

Our Mission

The Mission of the American Society of Panamá (AMSOC) is to maintain and enhance positive relationships between Panamanian and U.S. citizens. Membership is open to all persons of good character who support the mission of the Society regardless of citizenship or national origin. The American Society of Panama sponsors and performs charitable works; awards scholarships to needy Panamanian students; provides a forum business networking for discussing current events; and keeps members abreast of important issues that affect our community.

Honoring Our Members:

Life Time Membership: On May 23, 1997, four U.S. citizens were honored by The American Society of Panama with Lifetime Service Awards: Roy Watson, Fred Denton, Anona Kirkland and Joe Harrington.  The four awarded recipients were honored for their work of numerous years in improving relationships between the U.S. and Panama and the citizens of both countries.  Since then, Margarita Levi, Howard Wenzel, Dr. Wallace Snyder and Cedric Gittens have been awarded such honors.

At the Installation Dinner on May 21, 2015, Lifetime Service Awards were presented to Dr. Charly Garcia, Sandra T. Snyder, David W. Wilson, Rita S. Sosa and Eunice Greaves. The five awarded recipients were honored for their work of numerous years of service in educational and other charity programs and service in the Community.


The American Society of Panama Presidents 1931-2013
Honoring the past



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