“A truly magical evening” is the only way to describe The American Society of Panama’s “An American Ball,” held on Friday, September 22. The scholarship gala was hosted by U.S. Ambassador John Feeley and his wife, Cherie, at the official residence in La Cresta, Panama City. Close to 210 guests enjoyed the elegant setting and scrumptious buffet before dancing the evening away to the music of 2B Live Band.

The short program began with Ambassador Feeley welcoming guests to their home. AMSOC president Glenn Simon then recognized the scholarship program, chaired by Marcia Henry-Lokay; the charity committee, chaired by Charlotte Pierce; and the membership chair, Charly Garcia, and his herculean efforts in coordinating the evening’s event. Eleven of AMSOC’s current scholarship students, accompanied by one family member, attended as AMSOC’s guests. Ambassador Feeley closed by reminding all attendees that this is “our house,” acknowledging the strong bond between the culture and peoples of Panama and the United States.

Funds raised from the gala will benefit AMSOC’s scholarship program. In addition, the event helped generate 18 new memberships. The American Society is so pleased to welcome these new members:

Lisa and David Bey
Sharon and Alex DeLeon
Vera and Rona Ferguson
Leslie Christian
Melanie Fournier
Deborah Jenkin and Ricardo Blank
Elizabeth and David Lotz
Sue and Patrick McCarthy
Katarina and Michael Peers
Rosario and Ivan Perez
Yvonne Seffer
Jennifer Simpson and Keith Furones
Carmen and Mario Sylander
Diedrie Todd & Roberto Mestre
Vicky Troetsch
Ray VanderMeer
Natalia and Eric Venzon
Ty Alexander Venzon

In so many ways, this wonderful evening stands as one of AMSOC’s most successful events! Funds raised will benefit scholarships for Panamanian students in need–and this year we have had more applicants from more communities than ever. We will honor the organization’s enduring commitment to charity. And, new and returning members will continue to enjoy camaraderie, new friendships, and ongoing opportunities to connect with each other and our shared community.