A great event that brought many AMSOC’s members and friends together after a long social distance of almost 2 years.
When I arrived at Hasaki lounge , there were about 5-6 guests already seated and waiting for the fun.  As guests started to arrive, I greeted many and luckily, got one to join The American Society of Panama on the spot (Jon); some of the new members and those that renewed their membership received a courtesy AMSOC POLO SHIRT. 
On my count I think there were close to 60-70 guests who enjoyed the Happy Hours drinks and the delicious food prepared at Hasaki.
There were surprise gifts donated by the Wyndham Hotel and we also had AMSOC’s famous 50/50 raffle where Francis was able to collect a very large sum (over $350.00) and half of this amount was won by Anita…(guest of Bradle & Zenaida) and the other half will be used to support charity and scholarships.
There was live music enjoyed by all and it was so good that Sandra and Dave got up and danced.  Also, Cedric and 1 of the guests did a duo and received a round of applause for their excellent rendition of “I did it my way”.
Thanks for supporting AMSOC and hope to see you at the upcoming “Charly’s lasagna party” and “AMSOC 90th Anniversary celebration” in El Valle, Anton on 29th January 2022, cost will be $30.00/person and there will be available bus transportation. El Valle transportation will be available to & from El Valle 🚎 $20 per person. POC Anita Littesy 6159-0005 or alittesy@yahoo.com