As we recently celebrated Labor Day, which was created by the labor movement and dedicated to social and economic achievements of American workers, I was reminded of the members and friends of The American Society of Panama (AMSOC) for their work and dedication in supporting our social efforts.
We are very grateful for your contributions all year long, but especially during our COVID-19 Campaign to raise $5,000.00 to support charity programs.  Thank you for your generosity in such a time, as now, when many people are struggling, you have unselfishly donated $3,015.00. Congratulations, we have almost reached our goal. 
Thanks also to our members who have renewed their dues because 50% of your renewal payment went to our COVID-19 campaign.  We also welcome a new member (Name not necessary) who joined our wonderful organization in which 50% of the payment went towards our COVID-19 Campaign too.
Since the beginning of COVID-19 global pandemic, in which a countrywide quarantine went into effect in March, we have donated $5,500.00 to the following charity organizations:
Centro MUCEC  – Colon
Rotary Club Colon
Centro de Alcance Colon
Fundacion Calicanto
Ronald McDonald House
St Luke’s Community Assistance Program
Hogar Maria Guadalupe
Every organization wrote a personal thank you message about how grateful they are for our donations. So, THANK YOU!  Without your donations, this would not have been possible.
AMSOC salutes the Charity Committee for their amazing work:  Carson Dolan (Chair), Francis Wilson, Itzel DeVaney and Charlotte Pierce.
The Scholarship Committee also continues to be active and committed to the students, who were awarded scholarships for 2020, during this quarantine.   AMSOC has a total of eighteen students receiving scholarship stipends (10 high school students and 8 university students).  Despite the pandemic, the students are continuing to attend their classes online and AMSOC have already paid out almost $7,000 in stipends.  The Scholarship Committee requested a total budget of $10,600 for this present year.  
A special thanks also to the Scholarship Committee for keeping our commitment to some very worthy students:  Marcia L. Henry-Lokay (Chair), Eunice Greaves, Veronica Thorpe, and Zenaida Bingham.
Again, a huge thanks to everyone for strengthening The American Society of Panama through your support and contributions during these challenging times.   We appreciate each of you! 

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