Sponsors:  Recognizing our Sponsors

We are humbled and honored by your continued support.  You have amazing generous hearts.

You are supporting our Scholarship and Charity programs.  You are heroes to the 20 students who were awarded scholarships for the 2019 school year. . Your generous donations allowed us to help support charity organizations such as

Oir es Vivir, Aid for Aids, Calicanto and MUCEC this past year.

That you for believing in us, our goals, and our dreams to give back to the Panamanian Community.

We can put more life in our lives while putting more life in the lives of others.


Executive Sponsorship $2,000.00
Diamond Sponsorship $1,000.00
Platinum Sponsorship $500.00
Gold Sponsorship Up to $499.00

Please Click Here to know Sponsorship Benefits.

We thank you and look forward to your participation in making a difference in this noble endeavor. Your donation will be a gift for the future.  If you or your staff has any questions, please contact our Vice President, by electronic mail at american.society.panama@gmail.com or cellular phone No. 6159-0005.


Please make donations to:
The American Society of Panamá
R.U.C. 3482-2-12829 DV 86

Anita Littesy
The American Society of Panamá
Cellular Phone No: 6159-0005 

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