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This past Monday at the Marriott Hotel in Albrook Mall The American Society of Panama (AMSOC) held its General Meeting #1 – Election Event and its primary purpose was to conduct the 2023 -2024 elections for Board of Directors which had not been done in the last five years.

Madam President Anita Littesy welcomed members and guests and thanked them for their support during the last five years and provided voting instructions to active members in good standing.

Madam President also presented many certificates to board members that have continually throughout the years, supported AMSOC in different manners.

It was also fitting that Madam President was recognized by all as she performed the duties of the President of The American Society of Panama in an Outstanding manner and held these responsibilities for the longest time ever since the creation on this nonprofit organization way back in the 1930s.

The candidates were introduced and while the voting period was on, members and guests enjoyed the delicious appetizers prepared by Marriott’s Chef personnel and mingled all over.

Once all the votes where tallied Madam President announced the five (5) candidates that were elected for a two (2) year term and they are: Carson Dolan, Francis Wilson, Rosalind Baitel, Zenia Morris and Marcia Henry-Lokay. Shaleen White, Jeanette Deke, Megan Carlson, Nikki Fennel and Faye Pinzon we’re elected for a one (1) year term. Josette Hatfield was elected alternate.

These newly elected officials will meet at a later meeting and will elect the new AMSOC’s 2023-2024 Board of Directors among themselves.

After all congratulations and picture taking was over, Madam President thanked all for attending and supporting this event.


hari singh

By amsoc